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Make meetings powerful, effective and memorable. Graphic display of group process and discussion stimulates participation, creativity and focus.

In graphic facilitation, key ideas are captured in a colorful combination of cartoons and words. Large wall charts (4 ft. by 12 ft.) are hand drawn during discussion, promoting "big-picture" thinking and sparking fresh ideas. Graphic tools designed to support stages of group dialogue create an efficient architecture for meetings.
Visual instruments and charts are touchstones for interaction propelling the group to define goals, clarify differences and form agreements. Custom designed icons, posters and infomaps stimulate and document innovative thinking (dialogue).

Our facilitation/coaching style shows how visual instruments are successfully utilized in any interactive process. We work with facilitators to utilize pre-charting tools, drawing and mapping skills. This creates a high level of confidence and effectiveness in integrating visual language into facilitation. Our goal is to promote the skill development of internal facilitators to plan and run highly effective meetings.

Graphic facilitation has been used effectively in brainstorming, visioning, strategic planning, annual retreats and focus groups. It has been proven highly effective for project and product planning, trainings, sales and mapping transitions with groups and teams.

Reports, charts and posters
help anchor ideas and keep concepts alive long after the meeting. Electronic sharing of information makes the meeting accessible and quickly promotes the free flow of ideas across an organization.

Scientific research has shown that visual language used in meetings shortens meeting time by 24%. Visual language also aids the decision making process, 64% of participants made decisions after seeing visual displays.
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